Abandoned Mansion

A SourceForge Project by PCGuyIV

About Abandoned Mansion

Abandoned Mansion is a completely new text-based adventure game inspired by classic text-based games such as Adventure and Zork. The primary point and purpose behind the game is to serve as my first attempt at programming in C++. Currently, the program is in the very early development stages and is far from being a playable game. The current alpha release has only a few working features.

Future Development

Currently, the project is somewhat at a stand-still. While I have not given up on developing this project altogether, other pursuits have taken up my time, and I have had to place this on a back burner, so to speak. Ultimately this project and Beasties are to be part of a larger game, but that will require not only finishing this game, but converting Beasties to C++. Neither of those tasks seems to be something that will be accomplished any time in the near future.